Learn about the function of each of the NPHCDA’s directorates. Explore their responsibilities and recent activities; and discover how together they form the foundation on which we continue to advance the health of Nigeria.

In this section:

Executive Director’s Corner
Meet Dr. Ado Jimada Gana Muhammad, Executive Director of the NPHCDA. Putting healthcare within the reach of all NigeriansDepartment of Community Health Services
Creating demand for community care, and satisfying that demand

Department of Disease Control and Immunization
Making Nigerians Healthy begins with vaccinating our children against preventable disease

Department of Planning, Research and Statistics
The ‘fulcrum’ of the Agency, and the basis for its strategy

Department of Administration and Human Resources
Delivering healthcare starts with skilled, committed, dynamic people

Department of Finance and Accounts
Ensuring the effective and efficient delivery of support services throughout the Agency

Delivering the technology, estate and contracts to support delivery of our goals

Department of PHC Systems Development