Mrs Lami Abubakar

Director, Administration and Human Resources

The Department of Administration & Human Resources’ objective is to ensure the smooth and effective management of the Agency in order to help deliver the overall goal of PHC development in Nigeria. We provide support services to other departments to help them attain their organizational goals.

The Department champions the achievement of Goal 5 of the NPHCDA’s agenda through creating a strong, productive, dynamic, efficient and result-oriented workforce. We operate a performance based management system and a robust welfare package. We enforce discipline, drive attitudinal change and support training.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Managing appointments, promotion and discipline
  • Implementing staff welfare programmes
  • Drafting and managing policies and procedures on training and human capital development
  • Advising the Agency on pension matters and managing the pension funds
  • Managing establishment matters/records (post structure)
  • Maintenance of capital assets and routine maintenance
  • Transport and supplies/stores
  • Servicing the Board and its committees
  • Designing skills development strategy
  • Preparing personnel reports for the Management and the Governing Boards
  • Assisting the zonal offices with personnel appraisal
  • Implementing employment guidelines and procedures including performance management
  • Other duties that may be assigned by the Executive Director

Recent activities
The Performance Evaluation and Management (PEM) Division
The NPHCDA wishes to recognize outstanding staff performance. It has instituted a productivity award programme to recognize employees who make outstanding contributions towards the Agency’s mission and goals.

The Division, in conjunction with the representatives of the various departments and zonal offices, has selected and recommended the best performing staff of the first quarter of 2013 in senior and junior categories.

The PEM carried out a sensitization workshop on records management and the importance of next-of-kin in the 3 northern zonal offices. Arrangements are underway for the exercise to be repeated at the 3 southern offices.

A further sensitization workshop on institutionalization of performance evaluation and management has been held, with the aim of inspiring positive attitudes towards productivity.

Officers of the Division conducted a week of events to raise the profile of records keeping. These included a workshop on the importance of records management, which was held at the northern zonal offices of Kano, Minna and Bauchi. The exercise will be repeated in the southern offices of Enugu, Benin and Ibadan.

The Department is currently computerizing the Records & Registry Units to ensure effective data management. The project will ensure easy access to information on staff, projects etc.

Appointment, Promotion & Discipline (APD) Division
The Division has commenced action on the 2013 promotion exercise which will be conducted in line with the new guidelines on promotion in the Civil Service.

The Division has also sent the final draft of the Scheme of Service of the Agency to the Office of the Head of Civil Service.

The General Service (GS) Division
The Division has continued to carry out maintenance of the Agency’s physical assets and properties within the limit of available resources.

The Staff Training & Development (STD) Division
The Division has conducted its first cluster training on “Mastering Essential Management Skills” for 69 zonal technical officers from North West and North Central Zones.

Management has approved 6 senior management staff to undergo overseas training. This is to enhance a variety of managerial skills. Local training is ongoing for 38 other staff members.

The Department has been meeting its obligations towards staff celebrating their weddings and those who have suffered bereavements.

The Pension Unit
The Unit has continued to process prompt payment of pensions and gratuities to retired officers, including arrears for pensioners who retired before 2007.

During the last review period only one staff death was recorded. At present, the Pension Commission is conducting the enrolment/verification of staff retiring in 2014.