Delivering better healthcare through better ICT

Sources –MSS series pdf

Primary Health Care (PHC) Facilities Managers at more than 650 PHC centres across the country have been trained in the use of the NPHCDA’s Mobile Phone Data Exchange System to collect key statistics on-site. These statistics help us improve monitoring, planning and decision making, ensuring services are directed where they are needed most.

The NPHCDA has also made GSM technology part of its strategy to enhance the implementation and management of the Midwives Services Scheme. The Agency’s headquarters will be connected with six zonal offices and clusters of 160 PHC centres and 40 general hospitals.

When fully established, the improved ICT connectivity will provide a dedicated voice communication system which will connect health workers to support centres manned by experienced midwives and doctors. It will improve data transmission and information sharing. And it will assist referrals from first to second level health care providers.

This work supports our goal to strengthen institutions, and will have positive impacts on all our NPHCDA programmes.